The Issues

Environment & Labor

I am a firm believer that we can have both clean air and water and good union jobs, and that we are stronger when striving for both of those goals at the same time. A proud union advocate and environmentalist, I stand against those who try to divide these groups. As Councilperson, I plan to enforce clean construction legislation, which requires all county government construction projects that cost $2.5 million or more to use diesel emission control strategies on construction vehicles. I will also work closely with other council members to continue environmentally friendly policies such as lead reduction, implementing low-cost air quality monitors, and the reduction of single-use plastic bags. A strong public transit supporter, I also plan to continue the great work being done on bike safety and bus accessibility, and making sure that all jobs created in the environmental sector work with unions to promote union activity within that space. I also pledge to stand against any union-busting activities perpetuated by corporations or employers attempting to exploit Pittsburgh’s workers and work with local unions to promote maximum union membership in District 5 and in our great union town.