LITA’s Story

A native Pittsburgher, Lita is a true progressive running to make her hometown better for all of its residents. Born and raised in Squirrel Hill, Lita was shaken to her core by the shooting at Tree of Life – a staple of her community since she attended preschool there – and decided to chart her career path to become a leader in Pittsburgh to prioritize the safety and inclusion of all of Pittsburgh’s diverse communities. Since then, Lita has been working to develop the skills and understanding necessary to lead District 5. Throughout her time as a Coro Fellow, a GSPIA student at Pitt, and a consultant at the District 8 City Council office, Lita has immersed herself in the issues that face her community, and developed the skills necessary to push that community – and her city – into its future.

Prior to “boomeranging” back to Pittsburgh, Lita graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and spent two years in Washington, D.C. working at voting rights non-profit and bartending in the heart of the city, deepening her commitment to bringing the voices of service and minimum wage workers into the policy conversation.

An unabashedly progressive, queer, Jewish, pro-choice, and pro-racial justice candidate, Lita is dedicated to extending the moniker of “most livable city” to include the marginalized communities who may not experience that livability to its fullest extent. Housing, transportation, employment, policing, and a variety of other factors contribute to keeping communities of color and transgender individuals from accessing everything Pittsburgh could offer. Click the “Issues” tab to learn about Lita’s in-depth policy views and data-driven approaches to helping District 5 toward the future it deserves.

Lita currently resides in Greenfield with her partner, Kevin, and her rescue dog Cassie while she completes her Masters of Public Administration at Pitt.